Chinesology | Family Special Set for 4 ( Service Charge and Tea Charge Inclusive )
Exclusive to Mira eShop Inclusive of 10% service charge and tea charge.
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Family Special 

Free Range Egg Mousse, Vinegar

⁠Tofu Gold Coin, Seaweed

Scallion, Roselle, Vinegar

Jumbo Razor Clam, Chili Sauce

⁠Australian M5 Wagyu Beef, 20-years Tangerine Peel, Honey, Peanut


Tiger Prawn, Salted Egg Yolk


Bean Curd, Tangerine Peel, Egg White, Stonefish Soup


Premium Dried Abalone, Goose Web, Secret Recipe Sauce


Homemade Sorbet


Giant Grouper, Soy Sauce


Free Range Chicken, Osmanthus, Oolong Tea Leaf, Crisp


Scallop, Conpoy, Egg White, Chives, Vegetables, Fried Rice

Mango Mousse, Mango White Chocolate, Passion Fruit Mango Sauce


Ice-Cream, 20-years Tangerine

$4,388 For 4 guests

Redemption Location:


Shop 3101, Podium Level 3, ifc mall, Central

+852 6809 2299 

1. The menu is available for lunch and dinner dine-in.
2. Daily quota applies. The offer is served on a first come first served basis, according to the booking record of the restaurant.
3. The menu cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, discounts, dining vouchers, set menus, discounted dishes and other free dishes.
4. Any purchases made on the Eshop platform are not eligible for earning Asia Miles from the Asia Miles loyalty program
Photos are for reference only.
6. In case of any disputes, Chinesology reserves the right of final decision.
HK  $ 4,388.00