Chinesology | Eshop Exclusive Set ( Service Charge and Tea Charge Inclusive )
Exclusive to Mira eShop Inclusive of 10% service charge and tea charge.
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eShop Exclusive Menu

(Except for board members discounts, any credit card discounts and promotion offers are not applicable)


Iberico Pork, Mushroom, Ginger Jelly, Barbecue Sauce, Peanut

Crab Meat, Citrus, Free Range Egg, Matsutake, Preserved Ham, Onion
Sea Cucumber, Crabmeat, Winter Melon, Bamboo Fungus,
Carrot Oil, Chicken Oil, Superior Soup
Premium Dried Abalone, Goose Web, Secret Recipe Sauce
Chilled Seasonal Fruit
Wild Catch Threadfin, Huadiao, Chicken Oil, Dried Whitebait,
Dried Golden Threadfin Bream, Dried Shrimp
Free Range Chicken, Osmanthus, Oolong Tea Leaf, Crisp (Additional $280/half)
Fish Maw, Preserved Vegetable, Vermicelli
Ice-Cream, 20-years Tangerine

$880 Per Guest (From 2 Guests or Above)

*Additional Wine Pairing $500 Per Guest

Redemption Location:


    Shop 3101, Podium Level 3, ifc mall, Central

    +852 6809 2299

    1. The menu is available for dinner dine-in only.
    2. Daily quota applies. The offer is served on a first come first served basis, according to the booking record of the restaurant.
    3. The menu cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, discounts, dining vouchers, set menus, discounted dishes and other free dishes.
    4. Photos are for reference only.
    5. In case of any disputes, Chinesology reserves the right of final decision.
    HK  $ 1,760.00