<Takeaway only> Cuisine Cuisine ifc Celebration Basket
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Welcome the new year with this bountiful basket full of festive cuisines and blessings

Cuisine Cuisine Celebration Basket $2,088 for four persons

Baked Lobster with Cheese

Sautéed Garoupa Filets

Braised Goose Webs and Black Mushrooms in Abalone Sauce

Braised Conpoy with Black Moss, Sun-dried Oyster and Pig’s Tongue

Braised Assorted Mushrooms with Black Moss

Assorted Dessert Platter

Red Bean Lucky Bag, Red Pocket Cookies, Assorted Nutty Chocolate


Cuisine Cuisine ifc

3101, 3/F, ifc mall

+852 2393 3933

1. This menu is only available at Cuisine Cuisine ifc .

2. This menu is for takeaway only.

3. Please pre-order at least 3 days prior to the pick-up date.

4. This menu cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, discounts, dining vouchers, set menus, discounted dishes and other free dishes.

5. This menu must be collected at your decided date and time. For any late collection or no-show orders will be forfieted and is non-refundable.

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7.No cancellation or modification is accepted after order is confirmed. 

8. In case of any dispute, Mira eShop reserves the final right of decision.


HK  $ 2,088.00