GREAT DEAL! Cuisine Cuisine Nourishing Abalone set for two

Service charge and tea charge will be waived upon booking via Mira eShop ! 

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Seasonality of ingredients matters a lot in Cantonese Cuisine. As the weather is getting cooler, savour ranges of Cantonese seasonal dishes at Cuisine Cuisine ifc in this fall and winter!

The Nourishing Abalone set for two includes :

Double-boiled Pig's Lung Soup with Almond Cream, Fish Maw and Chinese Cabbage


Double-boiled Fish Maw Soup with Pear and Zhang Zhau White Fungus


Braised Abalone (5-Head) with Goose Web and Vegetables


Stir-fried Grain Rice with Assorted Preserved Meat and Soft-boiled Egg

$856  for two pax


Service charge and tea charge will be waived upon booking via Mira eShop!

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Cuisine Cuisine ifc

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Reservations: +852 2393 3933

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3.For any inquiry or special request, please contact the restaurant at 2393 3933 for arrangement. Our staff will try their best to accommodate.

4.In case of any dispute, Cuisine Cuisine ifc reserves final right of decision.

HK  $ 856.00