Assaggio 35oz Fiorentina T-Bone Steak & Seafood Set Dinner For Four
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Come and savour our 35oz Fiorentina T-Bone Steak & Seafood Set Dinner at Assaggio with the spectacular Harbour view!
Featuring juicy and tender 35oz Grilled Black Angus T-bone Steak, it's perfect for sharing and good for 4 pax.
The set also includes a Seafood Platter, Kabocha Pumpkin & Tomino Cheese Soup, Truffled Alle Tartuflanghe and Tris Di Dolci. 

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Priced at $2,488 for 4 pax
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Assaggio Trattoria Italiana
6/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wan Chai
+852 2877 3999

1. This Menu is available for Dinner only.

2. Please make your reservation at least 2 day in advance prior to the dinner date.

3. Your selected dining date and time cannot be changed or cancelled upon successful and confirmed transaction.

4. Your table will be held for a maximum of 15 minutes past your reserved time. Thereafter, your booking will be released and may not be accommodated according to booking status of the restaurant.

5. For any inquiry or special request, please contact the restaurant at 28773999 for arrangement. Our staff will try their best to accommodate.

6. In case of any dispute, Assaggio Trattoria Italiana reserves final right of decision.

HK  $ 2,488.00